Mission-Net Update

NEWSLETTER January 15, 2018

Just before Christmas we sent out an appeal to ‘save Mission-Net’. Following the necessary, but painful, cancellation of the Congress, we were facing significant costs to the extent that we would face liquidation unless something changed. We said that we were facing a shortfall of 100,000 Euros.

As of now we can praise God for his intervention, for His kindness and the kindness of his people. Those to whom we owed the biggest bills agreed to accept only part of what we owed them, this immediately and significantly cut our debts. We have already been able to pay them. Many of our participants offered their conference fees as donations. It may be that you are thinking, ‘Well, Mission-Net can just keep my congress fee. I can donate it to them’. This is very lovely, but unless you tell us, we will return it to them. No response means no donation.

Total donations so far have reached 35,000 Euros. Of course, this is not the total we were appealing for. However, together with the reduction in fees to our biggest suppliers and VAT return we are able to cover our costs and come out with a positive bank balance! Praise God! Praise His Holy Name!

Although we know we will have enough money, we are waiting for VAT refunds in order to have enough money to pay back all our participants. VAT repayments are under the control of the government and we cannot expedite it any faster.

The future of Mission-Net
The Board will be meeting in February to discuss our future direction. One of our major requirements is for a Chief Finance Officer. This needs to be a German person with financial expertise, and with sufficient time to volunteer. Hester Zoutman (CEO Congress) has been covering this role with the help of Reiner Egeler (Board member).

We will have difficult questions to consider at the next board meeting. We need your prayers.

We will keep you informed through our newsletters about any developments. If you have specific questions, feel free to connect on email info@mission-net.org.

Be blessed,

Hester Zoutman & Andy Stevens
CEO Congress & CEO Movement


Pray for Mission-Net

  • Give thanks for the amount of donations that have come in
  • Bless our vendors, who have been gracious towards Mission-Net in the cost they charged
  • Pray about the difficult questions Mission-Net is facing
  • Pray that God will reveal to you how you can be involved with Mission-Net
  • Pray for a timely VAT return
  • Pray for the Board and CEO’s for wisdom in their decisions
  • One of the urgent needs is a CFO, pray for him or her to get connected with Mission-Net soon