September 13, 2018

To all members, motivators, supporters, participants and friends of Mission-Net,
It is with sadness but also with peace and confidence that we announce that the General Assembly of Mission-Net voted unanimously on Saturday 8th September to definitively cease the operations of Mission-Net. We praise God for all that He has led us through, for all that we have learned and for all the fruit that we have seen because of what He did through Mission-Net. Both the Board and Members were in agreement that this is the best decision for Mission-Net. We are confident  of God’s leading and certain that his plans for Europe, for mission and for young people are not over, even if Mission-net is.
This has not been a quick nor an easy decision and many of you were involved in it. We sent out a survey several months ago which was extremely instructive and helpful in shaping our conclusions. We are grateful to all who completed this. Further we continued to pray and consult with wise men and women who gave us sound counsel. The conclusion was always the same, the time to close Mission-Net had come.  
The main reasons behind this decision, are as follows:

1.    We have concluded that we are not a viable organization due mainly to our limited infrastructure; lack of key personnel that would bring stability to the organization; and very limited finances.  
2. A lack of ownership. While Mission-Net had many volunteers, friends, and champions, what we really needed was for someone to take ownership of the organization and help give it a solid foundation – both financially and structurally.
3.   When Mission-Net began there were not many organizations or congresses doing what we were doing. Today that is different. Thank God for diversity, zeal for the Gospel and creativity. We feel that we have done our job. As there are now more organizations doing what we set out to do, we do not wish to compete with these new adventures (for participants, for venues, for timing, etc).
4.   We still believe there is the need for a vision like the one Mission-Net has, but our present structure is no longer adequate to fulfil that vision.  We trust and believe that God will take the vision, modify and clarify it, and that we can now hand it over to another group to take it on. It was always His vision in the first place.
As we reflect on this past year, with all the challenges we had we cannot help but thank God for his provision and also thank you for your generosity, care and love for Mission-Net. So many of you were incredibly generous with your finances as we had to cancel the Congress (the hardest decision we have ever had to make). Your generosity and grace allowed us to pay all of our debts which has set an incredible testimony to all those we negotiated with. We are ending well and faithfully and honestly. Thank you participants, Global Market exhibitors, donors and prayer warriors for answering the call in a time of great need.


What are the next steps?  
1. We want to close down properly. We estimate it will take eighteen months to two years to close banks accounts, VAT numbers, websites, etc, etc. This will also not be without cost and we can only estimate how much. We praise God that we do have some money with which to do this. Pray with us that God has already supplied what we need, but if we need more, join with us in praying that his supply will not run out.
2. We desire to hand over the vision of Mission-Net to another organisation or group. We will be in discussion with others to see if they can take on this vision and reshape it and reimagine it.
3. We will continue to communicate with you. Perhaps you have further questions. If you do, we are very happy to be in touch with you. The General Assembly has appointed Andy Stevens and Hester Zoutman as the Executive Officers in charge of closing Mission-Net. Please feel free to contact us at info@mission-net.org.
Finally, although we are sad because as people we see that there was still much opportunity for Mission-Net to serve God in Europe, we know very well that this is God’s work and not the work of one organisation. We can praise God for the many seeds that were sown through the Congress and through the Movement that may even yet be waiting to mature and flower. We are certain that there are people who know Jesus that wouldn’t have known him otherwise. There are flourishing community projects that were inspired through a Mission-Net Congress. There are missionaries who can trace their journey to a conversation in the Global Market, Bibles have been translated, greenhouses built, and pastors have begun teaching. Mission-Net has been blessed to have played a crucial part in transforming lives and helping young people declare the love of Jesus in their communities. We are sad, but we choose to celebrate God’s activity and for allowing Mission-Net to be a part of that.


Every blessing in Christ,


Andy Stevens and Hester Zoutman (CEOs of Mission-Net on behalf of the Executive Committee of Mission-Net)
Connie Main Duarte (Chair of the Mission-Net Board on behalf of the Board of Mission-Net)