Newsletter March 2017


Newsletter March 2017

Will you join us?
Mission-Net is a Jesus-centred European community living and promoting a missional lifestyle; making Jesus and his kingdom known across Europe and the world.

Whenever I read the above statement I feel butterflies in my stomach. This statement fires me up, it energizes me and makes me believe. Believe in the power of Jesus and the people he chooses to transform the nations. And you are one of those people. Come join Mission-Net to unite with all the world-changers! Here is the latest news.

Pray with us:
• God is doing amazing things in Europe, all over small groups of Christians are rising up. Pray for those individuals for courage.
• Several countries have elections in the coming months. Pray that Gods will is done in these elections.
• The Congress team is in need of people that can help organize.
• Mission-Net is still looking for a CFO/COO to run operations.

New Logo & Website
We have launched our new logo already on social media. In case you missed it; check our website to see our new look!
On the website you will also find flyers and posters to download, to promote the Congress.

For those who have been wondering: Mission-Net Congress will happen in December. From December 28th to January 2nd we are looking forward to meet you in Venray, the Netherlands. Logistical and program development is in full swing. In the coming weeks we will keep adding information to our website & social media.
Connect with your national motivator about group transportation to the Congress.

We are looking for people that want to help organize the congress; the lead a team. If you are interested connect at

Insalvation is a Dutch band that will lead us in worship at the congress. Their mission is that a generation will rise up, leading a life of worship and justice. Just as Jesus said: Love the Lord your God above all else and your neighbour as yourself. Insalvation has a heart for Europe, they have supported events in Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy. We are very happy they will come and serve us! Check their webpage on

The Plaza is the heart of the Congress. The place to relax, grab a coffee & muffin, smoothie or one of the other delights. Sit down to listen to a discussion that is happening on the small stage, a mission pitch, sing/songwriter concert or vist the booths surrounding the plaza. Aks all the questions you always wanted to ask about mission and living it out. Meet with subject experts or express yourself on one of the creative walls. And stay in tune with Mission-Net Radio.
Interested in participating in the Plaza in program or with a booth, mail to

In February we met with the National Motivators and great ideas have been pitched for the movement. We are excited to hear about what God is doing in Europe. We are developing short term mission opportunities and youth exchange programs.

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Hester Zoutman
Leader Mission-Net Congress

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  1. After a survey among national motivators, partners organizations and members, the year end 2017 came out as the best option for the next Congress. “People will expect us to have a congress at years end. Mission-Net is seeking to work together with many European organisations, networks and volunteers. A congress at year-end will enable working together with many, as people will be available to join.”

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