Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to the most asked questions about cancellation here.

Why did the congress get cancelled?

During the last year we have been enthusiastically preparing for the Congress and we were confident we would have a great congress, because we had great speakers and seminars and specials. It was all well planned and the budget tightly controlled. However, despite all the efforts of the communication team, National Motivators, Board and support from organisations, the participant numbers have remained significantly lower than previous congresses.

We cannot provide one exact reason why people have not registered. What we hear varies a great deal. For some it is the price and for others it is the distance. In some countries there are many other congresses to attend and support. In some cases, organisations which previously sponsored participants to attend have decided to divert their generosity elsewhere. In other cases, different organisations have offered sponsorship to participants, but with little take-up.

Will I get back my money I spent to register?

We fully realize that by cancelling the Congress the biggest loss is with the participants. They have invested into Mission-Net. We will refund all participants in full, minus the handeling fees. 

I am sure you understand that we have incurred expenses in the preparation of the congress. Would you be willing to help reduce the financial burden by donating your fee? If so please let us know by sending an email to You will get a gift receipt (donation letter) for donations made in such a way. If you don’t let us know, you will automatically get a refund. 

If you cannot donate we fully understand and respect that and you will get a full refund (minus minor handeling fee of the ticket agency)

We are doing everything in our power to make this happen as soon as possible. Please follow the updates on when we will refund. 

How can I donate my participant fee or make an extra donation?

Thank you for considering to donate to Mission-Net. If you wish to donate your registration fee or part of send an email to

If you wish to make an (extra) donation go to our Donate page to find out about the options. 

Will you reimburse any of my travel costs?

We will not be able to refund any travel expenses as travel expenses are not done through us but through airlines or travel agents. If you bought travel insurance you should be able to claim your travel expenses back. If not, then you may still try and talk with the airline to see if they or will do anything, but this is unlikely.

Who can I call to make a claim?

You can send an email to


What happens with Mission-Net?

We have cancelled the Congress, but Mission-Net is so much more than a Congress. It’s too soon to say what the future will look like, but Mission-Net Movement is very much alive and we have found many people committed to the vision of Mission-Net.

The Board will meet in February to think about the future of Mission-Net.