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I have a disability, can I come to Mission-Net Congress?

We would like to see young people with disabilities taking part in Mission-Net Congress, developing their vision, being encouraged in their faith and being equipped for a transforming missionary lifestyle.

The European Disability Network will be there with a stand and exhibition of creative, crazy, sporty, funny, … people who are enabled much more than many believe. We belong together and are part of the transforming of our continent.

If you need an assistant at the congress, please bring one with you. You should also be aware that there might be obstacles to overcome that will require compromise from you and creativity from the organisers of the conference. However, together we will find solutions that will unite us all, for in Christ we are all one body.

The venue is mostly wheelchair accessible, but most seminar rooms will be accessible by stairs only. There is an option to sleep in a cubicle, for more privacy.

For people with a hearing disabilities, please try to bring your own sign language translator. If this is a problem, please contact us. 


For all the information you need about barriers and accessibility contact Therese Swinters

Can I bring my kids/teens?

Mission-Net Congres is accessible for everyone but our program will be focused on 16 years and up.

We understand that many of the visitors will have young families and can only come to the congress by bringing their kids too, and they are very welcome of course. There will be a morning program for small kids as a service so the parents can join the morning sessions, but our focus will remain on the main program. 

I am coming with my family with small children, can we sleep together?

Yes, there is an option for family cubiciles. These will be in the same big hall as the man and woman sleeping areas, but we build a small cubical with temporary walls so you will have more privacy and you can sleep together. 

We will ask a small fee for this, as we will have extra costs to build these cubicles. 

For more information on this, please contact us. 

What is the best way to travel to Venray?

We cannot give a clear answer to this because it depends on where you are traveling from. 

We understand that choosing a new venue brings a lot of challenges on finding new ways to travel, but here are some tips. 

Although the venue is in the Netherlands, Schiphol-Airport won’t always be the easiest way to travel. Try to find a ticket to Eindhoven, Weeze, Dusseldorf, Köln or even Antwerpen, Brussels or Frankfurt. 

From Venray train station it will be a few minutes walking to the venue. 

For more information on traveling check our Travel page

Can I visit the congress for one day?

Yes, you can visit Mission-Net Congress as a day guest. You can order your ticket here

This ticket includes full acces to the main program, seminars, Global Market and two meals (lunch and diner)

Where can I register my organisation?

Our exhibition area is called Global Market. The Global Market is gonna be a vibrant part of this year’s congress. Learn more about the Global Market concept here. You can register here.

What do I have to do in order to get a visa to come to the congress?

For people who live outside of Europe we require a referral letter from either a mission-net motivator, a mission-net team member or an organisation linked to mission-net you know personally.

I’ve ordered a ticket. When will they charge me for my ticket?

If you’ve ordered a ticket, it can take up to two weeks for it to get withdrawn.

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