Global market

Mission-Net is a Jesus-centered European community living and promoting missional lifestyle; making Jesus and his kingdom known across Europe and the world. And we need your help to realize this!

For Mission-Net it is important to give you as mission organization a platform where you can tell the story of your organization and inspire young people to missional living. To reach our vision, the Global Market is a vital part of the congress. For participants to engage in conversation with and to learn about the diverse and numerous opportunity there are in mission.

The Global Market will be the centre of the Congress. We will host program at the small stage at the Plaza. The Plaza is in the Global Market, the place where participants go for coffee, snacks and for conversation. The small stage offers opportunity for you to do a short pitch, to participate in panel discussion on specific issues. We believe you have the know-how that can bring people further.

When you register you can indicate if you want to contribute to the program on the Plaza. By bringing expertise, by showing what you are best at. You are not just renting a booth, you are part of the Mission-Net experience and can actively contribute to it.

We are very excited about the new Global Market and believe that by partnering with you, we can transform our nation.

For more information and details about the Global Market please read this document: Global Market – Expo.

The possibility to register will be up soon. So keep an eye on our website.

Application form Global Market Mission-Net Congress 2017-2018

  • Congress

  • Mission-Net needs your input to make the Congress valuable. We would like to invite you to contribute to the program with your expertise. Think about giving a seminar, being part of the prayer& ministry team or supporting as a coach or counselor in the Mission Advice Centre (MAC). In the Mission Advice Centre for congress visitors can connect with someone about what they have heard at the congress and brainstorm about their missional place here on earth. "Where do you draw the line?" is the theme of the Mission-Net congress this year. Each day we will focus on an aspect of the main theme: compassion, courage, consistency, communication and culture.
  • Advertising

  • Besides having a stand, there are other ways to bring your organization to the attention of the conference attendees. See below which options there are and indicate your interest. For explanation and clarification read the brochure "Global Market - Expo".
  • Extra's

  • For each stand holder two conference tickets are included in the package price. It is possible to come to the conference with more than two employees. To arrange this, you can purchase a regular conference ticket for each extra person via the Mission-Net website . The tickets for stand holders are transferable so you only need as many as there are people attending the Mission-Net congress on the same day.
  • By filling out this form and submitting the information filled in, I agree to the terms and conditions as described in the document "Global Market - Expo".