Help for Mission-Net

About ten years ago, we began to dream. We were dreaming about a movement and congress that would connect young people all across Europe to inspire them to see God’s vision for their lives and their countries, to receive a calling to a missional lifestyle. Through four Mission-Net congresses and many regional gatherings we have seen people being inspired and changed, we have celebrated the great work God has done in many of you and how you have brought a missional lifestyle into your churches, cities, universities, workplaces and to many other countries. We have been so immensely blessed to witness how you have picked up the dream and made this your aspiration too.

As we began to prepare for the fifth congress in December 2017, we faced, as we have at every congress, the challenge to attract young people to the event. In the end, as great a job as the national motivators, Hester and Andy and the communication team did, there were not enough people registered to make the congress viable, despite the fact that we had set a very low threshold in order to hit a break-even figure.

Canceling an event, however, is not enough.

A congress as big as Mission-Net involves a lot of costs, and although vendors have been generous with us after cancellation, we still have to pay cancellation fees for the venue, accommodation and other expenses.

So, the bottom line is this: As of today we are facing a shortage of €100,000 most of which is owed to the venue and participants. Our aim is to pay as much as possible to those we owe money. Mission-Net wants to be a friend to our vendors as well as our participants.

However, if we fail to pay our bills Mission-Net as a movement and congress will cease to exist.

We ask you today to help us keep Mission-Net alive. We asked the participants and global market organisations if they were able to donate their fees. Some of our participants have done that. Thank you. For those who cannot, we understand. We ask the rest of our friends and members to join in our dream as an organisation and give generously.

We ask you to inspire others to give so that we can make the goal of €100,000 by December 31st.

We ask you to believe with us that this miracle is possible.

We as a board still believe in Mission-Net and there are many reasons why. First, we consider Mission-Net to be more than a biannual event. It’s a movement of dreamers all across Europe with a heart for missions and for transformation.

The Mission-Net movement intends to grow the church and build the National Evangelical Alliances by encouraging young people to take courageous steps and live missional lifestyles. We strive to build up and encourage young leaders to take part in their local churches and organisations and, one day, lead them.

To strengthen and build up this movement, we have organized four congresses thus far and hope to continue to do so in the future. Mission-Net is the only Europe-wide congress for youth aged 16-35 that focuses on missions both locally and globally. The congress is a unique gathering where you can learn what it means to live missionally. We don’t just study the Bible together, we also learn how to do it together and how to respond to it together. Everything that happens at the congress is repeatable in a local setting.

The congress is also the place to get in touch with dozens of mission agencies and Bible schools all in the same place. It’s a chance to see where God is working in the world and how He’s doing it. It is also a chance to meet an international community of young people and be inspired by one another.

We are all part of God’s plan for this continent, we are in this movement together, and in this spirit we want to be as transparent and honest with you as possible.

The situation is serious and the next few days will not be easy for any of us. We depend on all of you to join us in prayer and if possible, to donate. The deadline to donate is December 31st. We value your support and prayers – we need it now more than ever.

Here are our bank details:

IBAN: DE65520604100005020719

BIC code Evangelische Bank: EKKBDE52

BIC code account: GENODEF1EK1

Name of account: Mission-Net e.V.

Address of account: c/o OM Germany, Alte Neckarelzer Strasse 2, 74821 Mosbach, Germany

Bank: Evangelische Bank, Seidlerstrasse 6, 34117 KASSEL, Germany
BLZ/Bank code: 52060410

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