Mission-Net Board

Connie Duarte
Chair of Mission-Net e.V.

Connie studied in both the fields of missions and of communication while living in Canada. In 1998, she moved to Portugal to work with university students. After 10 years with GBU Portugal, Connie began working with the Baptist Theological Seminary. Currently she is one of the pastors at the Meeting Point, a Baptist church in Estoril, Portugal. If she’s not there… you might find her around Europe giving conferences and seminars.
Connie loves teaching and preaching, and longs to see more young people using their gifts both in missions and in the local church. She has a passion for integrated mission which is why Mission-Net is so important for her. Mission isn’t something you do, it’s something you live; it’s part of who you are. As Christians, missions, church, unity and community are part of our DNA.
While Connie loves missions, preaching, teaching, and working with church, another very important passion of hers is her husband João and their two boys, Joshua and Caleb. Since June 2015 she is the chair of Mission-Net e.V..

Guido Braschi
Vice-chair of Mission-Net e.V.

Guido Braschi came to know the Lord when studying engineering in Switzerland. Somehow, he didn’t enjoy the “enjoyable lifestyle”, as there seemed to be no aim to it, but with Jesus his life gained meaning and purpose. God then put the burden of a lost world and the desire to be involved in missions on his heart.

He and his wife Linda now serve with OMF and worked in Indonesia for eight years and Myanmar for six. In Indonesia, Guido worked as a lecturer at a university and was involved in student work; in Myanmar he and Linda led the OMF team while also teaching the Bible and missions. In-between, they looked after candidates for OMF who were preparing to work in East Asia. Their latest role with OMF is to mobilise people from all over Europe for missionary work in East Asia.

Guido has always had a keen interest in Europe and a desire to see Jesus proclaimed across the continent. In a small way this is now realised with Mission-Net. He enjoys being with young people (they keep him young) and helping them find God’s ways and purposes in their lives.

Since June 2015 he is the vice-chair of Mission-Net e.V..

Depending on which country, Guido supports different football teams: Bologna in Italy, FC Basel in Switzerland and Chelsea in England. It may be a reflection of his life story: Italian by nationality, brought up in Switzerland and now living in England.
Guido and Linda have three children and five grandchildren. Apart from football he enjoys walking, gardening and travelling.

Thomas Bucher

Thomas is passionate about seeing a youth movement and event like Mission-Net thrive in Europe. He has been involved in making this happen since the conception of the idea – initially as a board member of Mission-Net, and more recently also in his role as the General Secretary of the European Evangelical Alliance.
It was during his three year apprenticeship that Thomas met with God. Some young people had the courage to visit and invite him to attend their youth group, where he caught fire for God and his mission.
After getting married to Margrith in his early twenties, he attended Bible College. They joined OM to reach out to Arabs. The family first lived and ministered in London, before moving to Italy and Egypt. Over the years, Thomas has enjoyed a variety of roles within OM and lately with the European Evangelical Alliance, with on-going exposure to people, new situations and projects.

Erion Prendi

Erion lives in Tirana, Albania. He gave his life to Christ at a young age and has been working in full time ministry for the past 14 years.

Erion is on the founding board of Radio 7, the largest Christian network in Albania. He is the Executive Director of Words of Hope Albania, an evangelistic media ministry which aims to proclaim Jesus Christ through media and literature, seeking to build the church by winning the uncommitted to faith in Christ and by encouraging Christians in the life of discipleship.

His passion is to advance God’s Kingdom and to see the church rise up by living a missional life style. This passion has taken him closer to the local church where he is motivating young professionals to put their faith into action. Recently he launched Glocal Connection, an organization covering strategic areas of ministry such as Evangelism, Discipleship, Leadership Development, and Missions.

Erion is an adjunct instructor of Leadership and Islam at ISTL Albania, and holds a degree in electronic engineering and an MA in Global Leadership and Business from Dallas Baptist University. His passion is to see the young generation live missionally in a global and local context.

Jussi Miettinen

Jussi Miettinen lives in the small city of Riihimäki in Finland with his wife, two daughters, a dog, two goats, a hundred gold fish and three mice.

Jussi is an ordained Lutheran pastor, a trained work supervisor, and also has a Masters degree in community building and youth work. Jussi has been involved in youth work for almost 30 years – though he hardly looks 30 years old.

He started his youth work career at the age of 18 when his best friend died suddenly at the school. Jussi and a few others organised a memorial festival as a remembrance for their Christian friend. In seven years this festival grew from one hundred in attendance to 11 000. In the last few years Jussi worked as a festival promoter of this gathering which is now the biggest annual Christian youth festival in Europe. After that he worked as a director of youth ministries in the Finnish Lutheran Mission for 12 years – preaching, mentoring, and organizing youth camps, festivals and outreaches.

Jussi was called to work with the Finnish EEA as a youth inspirer. For the last four years he served as the General Secretary of IFES Finland. Alongside his paid job he has served in the youth commission of World Evangelical Alliance and as an associate worker of EEA. Jussi is now a board member for Mission-Net, as well as for the advisory group of the Veritas Forum, and chairman of the Nordic student organizations (NOSA).

Jussi loves reading, travelling, gardening, running, ice cream and enjoys a cup of black tea whenever possible. In his adventurous life he has visited more than 50 countries.

Hélder Favarin

Hélder Favarin holds degrees in Business Administration and in Theology. He has a Masters degree in Biblical Interpretation from the London School of Theology. He worked for a number of companies, including the HSBC bank and General Motors, before deciding to devote himself to full-time missionary and pastoral ministry. He is currently the director of 180º Global (180global.org) and of Festival 180º (festival180.com), both of which he co-founded with his wife Ana. He is also the founding pastor of the church “Capítulo 29” in Granada (c29.es) and is part of SEPAL/OC.

Hélder speaks regularly in Spain and abroad, and is the author of the book Algo Más (Something Else), as well as of numerous articles. He is a member of the international Board of Mission-Net and a founding member of RedTimoteo (RedTimoteo.org).

Hélder and Ana live in Spain with their two children. Follow him on Twitter (@HelderFavarin), Facebook or Instagram.

Reinier Egeler
Mission-Net Board Member Financials

Reinier studied economics and is passionate about financials. He wants to support the order of our Lord. This led him to Mission-Net just recently. He enjoys the onboarding and serves the organization with his finance and organizational talents.

With his family he was living abroad in Slovakia and Ireland, working for the world’s largest IT solution company. Currently he is building up shared service centers in Eastern Europe dealing with many young people every day. He is passionate about people and loves to bring them together.

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