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We are very happy that you are interested in being part of the Mission-Net Global Market during the 5th congress. This years Mission-Net Congress will take place in Venray – The Netherland at the beautiful venue Event Hall Venray.

We are looking forward to another great congress where you and your organization will inspire young people in mission. Fill out the form below to register.

If there are any questions please email to

Application form Global Market Mission-Net Congress 2017-2018

By filling out this form you will register to be part of the Global Market during Mission-Net Congress 2017-2018

If you are wondering why we want to know and why we limit it to two projects, please read the document Global Market – Expo

Think about giving a seminar, being part of the prayer& ministry team or supporting as a coach or counselor in the Dream Centre. In the Dream Centre congress visitors can connect with someone about what they have heard at the congress and brainstorm about their missional place here on earth.

Please note we ask 10% commission fee

Please let us know what you are planning to use.
This is already in the package, so there are no extra costs. This is only for our set-up team to know what they need to place.

(more than one answer possible)

(€ 56, - per piece)

On site it is not allowed to put up flyers by using tape, rope or staples. They will provide a proper system to put up your posters and flags the right way.

These two tickets are transferable between employees.
It is possible to come to the conference with more than two employees. For this, you can purchase a regular conference ticket for each extra person via the Mission-Net tickets website.

By filling out this form and submitting the information filled in, I agree to the terms and conditions as described in the document Global Market - Expo.

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