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What is the prize? The winning song will be used as one of the worship songs at Mission-Net Congress 2017. We will extend invitations to the performers of the next best songs to perform on the small stage at Mission-Net, but we will not be able to provide entry tickets to Mission-Net for any of the winners.

What are the deadlines?The deadline to submit a song is Sunday 5th November, with the deadline for voting for songs on Sunday 12th November

How many songs can I upload?There is no limit to the number of songs you can upload, but we suggest you keep it to as small a number as possible to increase the number of votes you get for your song.

Is there a theme for the songs? No. However, we are looking for songs that will enable worship of God “in spirit and in truth” and that can be sung passionately in a large group and would also transfer well to smaller groups.

Can I submit a song in my own language?Well, yes, you can, and we would love to hear it. But your song will not win. Songs have to be in English. We would be happy to see songs in English AND your language.

I am afraid my English is not very goodDon’t worry. We have a team of expert songwriters that will be able to improve the English of the winning song if it is necessary.

In what format should I upload my song?the web platform can accept links from Vimeo, YouTube and SoundCloud. If your song is hosted on a different platform you can try it. You never know it may work, but if it doesn’t work, we will not be able to accept the entry. Unfortunately, the website cannot accept raw files. It will only accept Internet URLs. All songs will be approved by an administrator before acceptance to the competition. This is to avoid the upload of inappropriate videos onto the Mission-Net website.

Do I need to upload sheet music?No. We will contact the winners and ask for sheet music later on.

Will I earn money from my song? No. By submitting your song, you give the rights to the Mission-Net worship leaders to use your song royalty-free. However, the copyright will still be yours if you have one. Mission-Net will not ‘own’ the song.

How is the winning song chosen?A shortlist of the six songs which receive the most public votes will be forwarded to our judging panel. A preliminary judging panel will reserve the right to promote two additional songs to the shortlist from outside the top six most voted-for songs. If one writer has more than one song in the shortlist, their song with the most votes will be forwarded to the judging panel. The next most voted-for song (number seven) would then be added to the shortlist.

Who are the judges? As well as representatives of InSalvation, one of the worship bands at the conference, we have experienced worship leaders from Germany, Italy and Portugal, the CEO of Movement for Mission-Net, himself a songwriter and worship leader, and the director of Arts Resonance France.

How do I vote for a song? All songs will appear on the Mission-Net website. To vote for a song click on ‘Vote Now’. You will be prompted for your email address. We ask for this to ensure that one person cannot vote multiple times for the same song.

Are there any other rules?Well, yes, although to be fair we will rely on your honesty in order to enforce most of them.

  1. 1. Songwriters must be aged 30 or under by 28th December 2017

  2. 2. Songwriters must be normally resident in Europe

  3. 3. By entering the competition, songwriters acknowledge that the song is original to themselves, or a friend they represent, and with their knowledge and approval.

  4. 4. Songs must be Biblically correct according to the basis of faith of the European Evangelical Alliance. This can be read here.


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