The Mission-Net Team

Hester Zoutman
CEO Mission-Net Congress

My heart is for young people and events, which is why Mission-Net is such a great opportunity. I was really impressed and humbled at the last congress by all of you, the sacrifices you made, the hope and believes you have and the love of God pouring through you.

My believe is that God has great plans for Europe and now is the time to reach to people in our communities, more than ever. My heart breaks when I see all these people looking for new homes and purpose. I believe as Mission-Netters we can and should be of influence for all of them.

Andy Stevens
CEO Mission-Net Movement

Mission-Net Movement is headed up by Andy Stevens from the UK. Andy has been working in cross-cultural missions since he was 18 when he undertook his first mission trip to Hungary. Subsequent to that he produced an evangelistic musical play that was used to reach the youth of Normandy, France.

After that he was involved in student outreach in Brussels. Then he left for China to reach high school students and their teachers for Jesus. While there, he met his wife, Jenni, who was on a short-term team from the UK. So he came back to England and they got married.

Since 2004, Andy has been working for OMF International seeking to mobilise young people and churches into greater missions engagement, initially in the South of England, but now with a remit to support and enthuse the church across Europe. In 2015 he also began a replicable church-based musical project to raise money for those working with refugees in Europe and beyond. Andy and Jenni have two children born in 2007 and 2008.

Anneke Visser

Besides working for the Mission-Net congress I am involved in youth-work in many different ways. I teach dance in church to kids and teens, I am a youth-leader of a beautiful group and I feel privileged to be working on many projects.

I feel blessed to be working with Mission-Net because I really believe in it’s mission. When this generation stands side to side, focussed on Him, we will see a change in this world!

In love with God, passion for young people.

Dorea Huber

I love the Church – the embodiment of Christ here on earth. And I love to see young people stepping up and living the Church‘s mission: To be Christ to the world. I‘m passionate to see young people finding their way to be missional and to encourage one another in faith. Mission-net is an awesome place for this to happen.

I am working full-time for mission-net for four months. Besides mission-net I love the Lord, music, family and people.