Max & Sarah von Kymmel: A risk against all odds


Max & Sarah von Kymmel: A risk against all odds

Who are we?

We are Max and Sarah. We are both 29 years old, and have been married for almost 2 years and we are expecting our first child by the end of this year. Currently, we live in the south of Germany at the lake Chiemsee in Bavaria. Sarah is a teacher and I, Max, work as a Sales Controller for a Watch company.

Where will you draw the line?

This is a topic that affects us very much. We are living in a region that is mainly influenced by a traditional Catholic faith. A faith that is mostly replaced by traditional rituals than a living faith. In an environment like that the question „where will you draw the line?“ is challenging us to live our faith not privately for ourselves but to show the people what Jesus means to us and to get active in making Gods kingdom known in our neighbourhood and at our jobs. This is a real challenge for us, especially, at our work places.

A new Chapter: Jesus Project!

As we were thinking about the theme, we were immediately hit by the fact that we have drawn that line too often in our lives. Through that we not only limit Gods impact on our life’s, we are also limiting ourselves. We started to realise that we were unhappy and somehow unsatisfied with our life’s as well as restless. Restless because we knew that we were not meeting Gods call and were too often occupied with non-important things and activities. We slowly started to adapt to the way of live and the comfort around us a little bit too much. God began to call us through that feeling of unrest and we wanted to start drawing the line broader around us. Practically, that means we have decided to go into full-time ministry and therefore move places. We will start working and living at a ministry center from September on called ”Jesus-Project Erfurt eV” ( We will join a ministry team that is working and living at a social hotspot area in Erfurt with alcoholics, drug addicts and people who are living at the edge of our society. This ministry is boasting Jesus in a neighbourhood were lots of people have dealt with or are dealing with personal tragedies. We want to be a part of that. We want to be a light, living amongst the hungry and the poor, and continue to make Jesus our priority and expand the line into the neighbourhood we live in.

How would you encourage someone who is struggling with this and doesn’t know how to go beyond the personal lines they have drawn for themselves?

We want to encourage everyone who has similar feelings and thoughts as we had. We want to tell you listen to your heart! And ask yourself, what do I want? What does God want from me? How do I want to use the time that God gave me? Where am I standing right now? It is important to be completely honest with yourself. It is very helpful to assess your habits and just the things you spent lots of time with. Sometimes it is necessary to make a decision to lay distracting things aside to actually be ready for God. If you feel unable to make changes in your life by yourself, it is very helpful to have people/ a church in your life who will support you in those changes and help you walk them out. For us it was important to have people around us who were inspiring us with their lifestyle. People who were spiritually wise and from whom we could learn. Sometimes, it might have to be a radical change such as a move, a change in job, bible school or going into missions as it was for us. Sometimes, God is asking us to take a risk for Him, a risk that is against all odds or against expectations. This is where he can use us for the best- in situations where we are not fully in control anymore but must completely rely on Him! One thing will stay the same, Gods complete provision and protection for those who trust in Him.

However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived- the things God has prepared for those who love him.” (1 Cor. 2,9)

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